Google Glass is now available to all Google Music All Access users

Google is entering the New Year with an offer that no one with Google Music All Access should ignore. They’re making their Google Glass Explorer devices available to Google Music All Access subscribers meaning that those with a subscription to Google’s music streaming service will be able to get their hands on the firm’s test programme for the wearable computer device before all other consumers.

The firm notified users of its All Access system of the news through Email and any that take up the offer will be joining a small group of developers, VIPs and contest winners who have already taken up the company’s offer to purchase a device for $1,500. Those who take up the offer will part with nearly £907 at the current exchange rate but in return they’ll get access to a device that has all the power of a smartphone. As you can see from the image, the device is worn like glasses and uses the latest voice recognition technology to access its applications.

You’re looking at a device with a 640 x 360 display, which must appear much larger as it’s in front of your eyes, and a 5 megapixel camera that comes with a 720p High-Def video camera. There’s 16 GB of storage space but additional data can be stored through Google Drive. Power comes from a battery that matches anything found in high-end smartphones so Google are claiming that the device can work for 24 hours between charges. The device is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled and Google are allowing developers to work on new apps for the device so Google Glass should be able to appeal to a wide cross-section of the market.

This new device is going to be something special so if you’re an All Access user and you’ve got the cash you should take up the offer. If you do, you’ll find that All Access is already on Google Glass as it was added back in November.

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