Google Drive: how it works

If you recently installed Google Drive, learning how it works is an important priority. There are many benefits of using cloud storage for your data, documents and files. You have enormous storage space and you can access it wherever you are. Recently, Google has even added QuickOffice allowing users to edit Microsoft files without converting them first. It also increases the attractiveness of Google Drive as an alternative to Microsoft products.

Installing Google Drive

So you plan on installing Google Drive and would like to know how it works. It is a wise move because Google Drive is highly functional you can edit, save, store, send and share documents easily.

1. First go to Google Drive or enter drive.google.com on your browser. Google Drive works on both Windows and PC, it is not difficult to figure it out.

2. Hover your mouse on Connect Drive. Download Google Drive.Go to googledrivesync.exe for automatic installation.

3. Once this is over, open Google Drive. It will ask for a username and password on Google. If you don’t have one, open an email account with gmail. When you input a password and username, these will be the details needed to access Google Drive.

4. Finish installation. It will appear as an icon on your computer where your documents are.

5. Drag files and documents you want installed on your Google Drive. You can also get the free app on your mobile devices or computer.

If you have a Mac or Apple devices, you can also install Google Drive.

1. Type http://drive.google.com on your browser. Connect Drive to your desktop and click the download icon. Googledrivesync.exe will install Google Drive automatically.

2. Log in with your Google password and username and finish the installation.

3. Launch Google Drive and drag files as needed.


Enjoy your Google Drive and master how it works so you can make use of it fully for your personal or business needs. With Google Drive, your files are safe up in the cloud and you can access them instantly. Google Drive is efficient when you are making back ups. It is also possible to buy extra storage space if you run out of it. There is also Google Drive for Work. For $10 per month per user, you will have unlimited storage space and document encryption as perks.

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