Google does office better

Google’s new fun-loving Engineering head office in Switzerland sounds wicked. We are truly impressed. It’s by no means your average work environment.

Google takes the idea of bean bag meeting rooms and free muffins for breakfast and runs away with it. Apparently, there’s slides and fireman’s poles instead of stairs. But with all the free food that’s available, employees could start to struggle to get down them.

Google says the office design “represents the free flow of information through the company.” We feel it represents the company’s desire to have employees spend 24 hours a day in the office.

It’s very much the carrot approach, and we’re still waiting to be shown the stick. We really hope there’s a secret Google dungeon in the basement, where employees who aren’t fun-loving enough to fit the Google brand image are locked away.

Of course, well never know. Our only way of finding out would be to Google “secret Google dungeon”.

(One result, in case you’re wondering.)

(Image: from Ste3ve’s Flickr stream)

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