Google Celebrates Gay Rights With a 10-day-long Easter Egg

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It's not the first time that Google celebrates the gay community and equal rights by hiding an Easter egg in its page, and today it has chosen to remember the Stonewall movement with a special feature dedicated to those 1969 New York riots that kick-started the fight for gay and lesbian rights in the United States.

By typing some specific words in the search box, the user will activate an Easter egg which will make the rainbow flag adopted by the gay community appear at the bottom of the text field. So far we've identified some of the words that trigger this special feature - which will stay on for the next 10 days - but there are probably many more. Here is our list:

Gay, gay marriage, gay pride, gay rights, bisexual, homosexuality, lesbian, marriage equality, queer, Stonewall, transgender, gay parenting, transexual, GLBT, LGBT, LGBTQ, New York Pride, San Francisco Pride.

Gay right supporters today are also celebrating a landmark decision, as section 3 of the US Defense of Marriage Act has been declared unconstitutional because it violates the right to liberty and equality for gay couples. From now on, homosexual couples in the US will be eligible for tax breaks, social security and health benefits.

Same-sex married couples will also be able to get green cards or immigration visas, which will allow US citizens in a same-sex relationship with an 'illegal' US resident to apply for green cards for their spouses. The Supreme Court also dismissed Proposition 8, which means that the law forbidding same-sex marriage in California will soon be abolished.

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