Google Bans Itself

Oh dear. When you're an internet giant the size of Google, it's difficult to keep all the different parts of your organisation co-ordinated. But this is a bit ridiculous.

Google went shopping earlier this week, and picked up a bargain: UK-based price comparison site beatthatquote.com. So far, so good. But just as Google's accounting people were poring over beatthatquote's financials and its lawyers were finalising the deal, its web gurus were having a look at its SEO practices - the tricks it uses to stay up in Google's search results. And it turned out that beatthatquote was breaking a few of Google's rules, by for example buying links - paying other sites to link to them.

So, on the very same day Google's acquisition of beatthatquote was announced, the site dropped like a stone in Google's web results as Google 'penalised' it for its infractions. It's just a temporary measure, and we suppose it's good that Google isn't giving its own properties a free ride with the rules. But still, this does look a bit like the tail doesn't know where the head is looking, doesn't it?

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