Google appoints privacy czar

Before Facebook was privacy public enemy number one - or, at least, seen that way - the focus of people's worries was Google. The search giant knows a lot about you from your searches, emails, bookmarks.... and thanks to its controversial - but super-fun - tool Street View, they probably have a picture of your house.

Privacy worries about Google reached a zenith earlier this year when it admitted their special cars, which drive all over the planet taking pictures for Street View, had been collecting information on people's wireless networks. Now, the company has admitted that emails and passwords were amongst the information that was collected.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the big G has started putting its privacy house in order. A lady named Alma Whitten has been appointed as the company's first director of privacy, and the company is going to introduce new training programmes to make sure decent privacy control is built into all its products. All of this has helped it escape the scrutiny of America's Federal Trade Commission, which has cancelled a planned investigation of the Street View affair.

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