Google Android preview

Google has never hidden its desire to move into the world of mobile technology. While mobile versions of the company's main services such as Gmail and Google Calendar are already available, Google is setting its sights even higher.

In 2007, Google unveiled its plans for Google Android. Google Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux and developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. It looks set to increase innovation in the mobile phone sector.

Speaking to the BBC Google Android's creator Andy Rubin said, "What Android enables is agility and rapid innovation and the same kind of innovation that happens on the internet." Mr Rubin believes that Google Android will open up the world of the mobile, leading to a greater variety of phones with increased browsing capabilities.

Google Android phones should be on sale by late 2008, but the public was given a sneak preview at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month. With Google Android, users will be able access any program from their desktop on their cell phone.

Right now not all net experiences are available via mobile technology, e.g. Google Earth and YouTube. This looks set to change with the arrival of Google Android.

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