Google and Verizon reveal their net neutrality thoughts

Last week, the internet was awash with rumours that Google and Verizon, a large US telecom and mobile provider, were hatching a deal to undermine 'net neutrality' - the principle that website operators can't pay to have their traffic delivered to users more quickly on busy networks than other sites. Today, the two companies put the rumours to rest - sort of.

Google and Verizon have said that they're not in any kind of financial relationship, and they're opposed to web operators being allowed to buy an advantage - at least when it comes to home, wired broadband networks.

When it comes to mobile networks, though, the two companies say the gloves are off. 'We both recognize that wireless broadband is different from the traditional wireline world, in part because the mobile marketplace is more competitive and changing rapidly,' their statement says. 'In recognition of the still-nascent nature of the wireless broadband marketplace, under this proposal we would not now apply most of the wireline principles to wireless.'

Given that Verizon is one of the US' largest mobile networks, this isn't entirely surprising. But it's still worrying lots of tech experts.

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