Google + 25 million - and counting

Google messed up with Buzz and fell flat with Wave, so the launch of their latest social product, Google+, really needed to be a success. And it looks like it has been, at least if the numbers of users signing up is anything to go by.

Within a few weeks of its launch, Google+ had achieved an estimated 10 million sign-ups. That was hugely impressive, but we wondered if, after the initial rush of tech geeks, people would keep signing up.

Sure looks like it. According to web counter bods Comscore, Google+ is now up to a faintly amazing 25 million users. That's less than 8 weeks after launch. To get to a similar number of users took both Twitter and Facebook more than two years, TechRadar points out.

Interestingly, after the US, the UK seems to be the most enthusiastic taker-upper of Google+, with one million users. But are people just signing up and disappearing, or are they becoming committed, regular users?

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