Goodbye to Skype?

You love Skype, don’t you? Of course you do. Who else provides such good service and connection with their free phone calls, hmm? No-one, that’s who. Well be prepared to lose all that goodness, as eBay have warned that your account might be disconnected altogether thanks to boardroom shenanigans.

eBay owns Skype, having bought the company in 2005, but since the purchase have been locked in legal battles with the company’s co-founders, Janus Frils and Niklas Zennstrom, who claim eBay haven’t paid them the amount they said they would. The pair have banned use of the core technology that underpins Skype and which they still own the license for, but since Skype is still being used, a court case is in the offing.

How does this affect you? Well the court case doesn’t start until June next year, and eBay have admitted coming up with its own Skype code. But they have also said that ‘there is the possibility of an adverse result (which) may result in loss of functionality or customers even if successful.’ Meanwhile, 480,000,000 users are hoping they can sort it out over a nice cup of tea.

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