Goodbye Sky Sports News *waves*

Stuff your so called 'landmark life saving advances in medical science', the best invention of all time (excluding the television set) is Freeview. Fact! For a one-off payment of next to nothing you get a sleek little box that allows you to watch Sky Sports News goddess Georgie Thomspon for free, no monthly subscriptions, nada.

In total viewers get an extra 30 channels or so including Sky’s rolling sport news channel Sky Sports News, but not for long, because according to Rupert Murdoch’s men today they intend to can the Freeview option and only allow pay-tv users to see Ms Thompson in all her 2D glory. As part of the network's shake-up, Sky Sports News will be renamed as Sky3 on Sky, Virgin Media and Talk Talk TV and a brand new channel Sky Sports News HD will take its place.

SKY’s managing director Barney Francis said the changes are expected to occur before the year is out with more channels to be added, including the much hyped 3D channel. Good news for those Georgie Thompson fans who already have Sky but bad news for those who don’t *cries*.

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