Goodbye, MiniDisc

Ah, the 1990s. Spice Girls! Platform shoes! Sash! And, of course, the Sony MiniDisc.

When the Japanese tech giant promised in the early part of the decade to replace CDs - less than a decade after they took off - the world basically scoffed in amazement. Then it became clear that Sony weren't so much replacing CDs as replacing cassettes, MiniDiscs being small, portable and recordable, and we all went, 'hmm.'

Then, we don't know about you, but we went to university and realised buying a portable MiniDisc player could enable us to nick all our new friends' amazing music collections. (This being 1999, by 'amazing music collections' we mean 'they had the second Death in Vegas album.) So off to Richer Sound we went. And we realised that though it was expensive and the players were a bit fragile, MiniDisc was kinda OK.

But just as it seemed to be breaking through, MiniDisc was completely displaced - by digital music. Why painstakingly copy CDs on a MiniDisc when you can rip them to a computer in seconds and put them on a tiny MP3 player? Then the iPod came along and, well, that was that.

So it's no surprise that, nearly twenty years after it was introduced, MiniDisc is on the way out. Production of MiniDisc walkmans is to stop in September. But if you've got one already and you want to keep nicking your friends' music - and you don't want to use a PC to do it, for some reason - don't worry. They'll keep making discs for a bit longer.

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