Goodbye, Google Video

2006 was a heady time on the internet. Crazy as it may seem to younger folk, online video was new and exciting, and everyone wanted to get in on it. Google had a service, called Google Video, which let you search videos online; but an upstart called YouTube, which let people actually upload their own videos, was getting all the buzz. Google quickly added to Google Video the ability for users to upload their own movies. But it didn't take off and, mere months later, Google bought YouTube for the GDP of a small African country.

Since then, the videos uploaded to Google Video have existed in an awkward limbo, without anyone really likely to stumble upon them. Now, five years on from the YouTube deal, Google's decided to clean out its closet. All videos uploaded to Google Video will be deleted on April 29th. Google Video will live on as a search engine, but nowt more.

Google's offering users the chance to download their videos, but not to automatically transfer them to YouTube, which seems a bit crap. But at least you'll still have them safe on your hard drive. At least until they close that down. No, hang on, that doesn't make sense.

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