Goodbye glasses

Last week we told you that no-one plans to buy a 3D TV, and speculated that the thought of nerdily wearing 3D glasses on your sofa - not to mention paying £60+ for each pair - was what's putting people off. Glasses-free 3D, we reckoned, might be needed to get people interested.

Well hello, what's this? In the high-speed world of modern tech, you need only ask and some helpful Asian electronics company will respond. In this case, it's Toshiba, who have taken the opportunity of the CES conference in Las Vegas to show off not one, but two new glasses-free 3D devices.

First, there's the Qosmio laptop (seriously, who names these things?). Shown off in (apparently very) rough demo form at CES, it's set for a proper release by the end of the year, according to the Tosh people. It not only packs a crazy double-LCD for the glasses-free 3D effect, but its webcam is supposed to follow you around and adjust the image so it doesn't go out of 3D when you move your head.

Interesting stuff. But really, 3D is about cinema and, failing that, really big TVs. Hence Toshiba's other new baby, a prototype glasses-free 3D TV. No word on a release or a price but as Engadget put it, 'it does show solid evidence that Toshiba is making some advancements towards the inevitable.' Still, in case specless 3D doesn't impress enough people, they went and bunged 4K in there as well. In 2D mode, the demo set can display images of a frankly absurd 4096 x 2304. That's more than many films are even shot in, but 4K is slowly becoming the standard for digital cinema, so it was inevitable it would make its way into the home eventually - although God knows how you'd actually get films in that resolution, as Blu-Rays are just in 1080p, half that.

So basically your next TV will be even larger, more HD, and more expensive, than your current one. But you won't have to wear stupid specs to watch it! There you go, progress.

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