Good news for people who love sound

Here at Digitaledge we love the iPad 2. It's thin, powerful and great fun to use. But there's one thing we don't love - the speaker. Even though Apple swapped the tiny speaker in the original iPad for a larger, uglier model in the iPad 2, it's still tinny, quiet and a bit horrible - especially if your iPad is lying on a table or on your lap.

So we're basically in love with the SoundJaw. This oddly-named but ingenious gadget is a simple piece of plastic but it could seriously improve your relationship with your iPad. You slip it over the iPad's speaker and, according to Wired, 'the transformation is dramatic. The widget scoops the sound from the rear-firing speaker and pushes it out of a small opening that looks like the return coin slot of an old-style payphone... it also works as a kind of horn speaker, amplifying the sound as well as bending it... for movies, games and general listening the SoundJaw is perfect. Dialog tracks that are indecipherable become loud and clear, and the sounds of grunting pigs and angry birds can’t be muffled by a mis-placed hand.'

Best of all, the SoundJaw is small enough to leave on all the time and still use your Smart Cover no problem. And being so simple, it's cheap - just $20. There's just one problem - so far, it's only being shipped to the USA. So we reckon you should head to soundjaw.com and email the folks there to demand a European option. You have nothing to lose but crappy sound!

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