Good news for iPhone 3GS owners

When Apple showed off iOS 5, the latest version of the software that powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch last week, they said it would run not only on the upcoming iPhone 5 and the currently-top-end iPhone 4, but on the now-aged iPhone 3GS. This was no surprise: iOS 4, introduced with the iPhone 4, was available for the 3GS and 3G.

But the memory of that experience for 3G users would be enough to put a 3GS owner off the upgrade to iOS 5. iOS 4 on an iPhone 3G was hugely limited, with notable functions like multitasking and home-screen backgrounds disabled. And yet, it ran much, much slower than iOS 3, making phones kind of useless. Eventually, follow-up updates made the iPhone 3G play nicely with iOS 4, but the whole experience made Apple's promises about software compatability with older phones sound a bit shifty.

So we're delighted to report that it seems iOS 5 really will work well on an iPhone 3GS, and with most features intact, too. As this video shows, most of iOS 5's key features - like Twitter integration, notifications, and Safari's new reading functions - are all present and correct on the 3GS. The only missing features seem to be the tab bar in Safari, and the photo-editing functions. And the whole thing seems to run at a reasonable clip. Hurrah!

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