Good news for iPad-touting photographers

The iPad 2 may have a camera, but no-one really thinks the iPad is a practical tool for taking photographs. But with its big screen, wouldn't it be a great tool for looking at them? Photographers could stick their memory card in their iPads, see their pictures on a big screen, and delete the dodgy ones without firing up a laptop. There's just one problem - putting the memory card in the iPad. There's an adaptor to put an SD card in, but if you're using the older CompactFlash card - very popular with photographers - then you're stuck.

Or rather, you were. Now, there's hope: a CompactFlash reader for iPad. It's called, er, the CompactFlash reader for iPad.

As this video shows, it plugs right into the iPad dock and quickly transfers your files over.

Handy stuff. There's just one problem - the iPad can't show videos shot by many cameras, so you might not be able to preview your mini-movies this way. But for photos, it looks like a must.

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