Good news for Facebook haters

Facebook lovers have a new mobile browser to amuse themselves with, but what about those who aren't a fan of the all-conquering social network? Back when the Facebook privacy row was at its peak in the Spring, word spread of a new, open-source alternative called Diaspora. Well, Diaspora has just launched in private beta.

Don't rush to sign up - it's a bit complicated. You need to install your own instance of Diaspora on your own server, if you have such a thing. This makes Diaspora decentralised and means you don't have to put your messages, photos and videos on someone else's servers.

So is Diaspora a Facebook killer? We doubt it, to be honest. It's just too much hassle for most people. But, we like the idea of an alternative for those people who don't want to rely on a company in the middle to share stuff.

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