Good Friday

The biggest and best shopping day of the year in the world of gaming is coming up this week, so what goodies will you be able to get your hands on? We’ve had a look at what Microsoft and Sony are offering to their loyal customers for Black Friday, and we’ve picked out what we consider the best bargains (yes, this is an American tradition, but we’re sure you can take advantage too).

On the Xbox 360 side of things, we reckon that the best deal out there right now is the original Halo and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, each a gaming classic, and each for a measly 400 MS points. You can even pick up hardcore platformer ‘Splosion Man for only 160 points. Best of all that starts from today and lasts until next Monday, so you’ve got plenty of time to download them.

For all you PSP owners, we reckon you must get your hands on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for only $19.99, and while they’re not offering any cuts in prices for any proper PS3 games, some of the PSN titles at half price look very tidy: we’re thinking of Joe Danger and Gundemonium Collection on particular.

From the looks of it, Microsoft has put more on offer for gamers than Sony, but we’re sure if you trawl websites you’ll be able to find some great deals for the festive season.

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