Gone by summer?

So perhaps it's premature to draw conclusions, but one can't help but feel the Android tablet campaign isn't going well. The massed ranks of the world's biggest electronics companies are lined up to take on Apple and its all-conquering iPad - but so far none of them have really scored a direct hit. Samsung's Galaxy Tab has sold respectably, not not exactly excitingly. The next big hope was supposed to be Motorola's Xoom, which packs an impressive spec and iPad-beating 1280x800 screen; but before that's even been released in Europe, Motorola has been forced to deny it's preparing to drop it because of poor sales.

Boy Genius Report, a website which often has scoops which turn out to be accurate - but equally often has scoops which turn out to be anything but - has reported that Motorola is to reduce production of the Xoom in April, only a few weeks after it launched, and stop selling it in June. It would most likely be replaced by a new, thinner model, much as Samsung have replaced their Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a thinner model before it's even released. (It's all a response to the iPad 2, which has fair terrified Apple's rivals with its foxy thinness.)

Motorola says it will continue selling the Xoom after June, but don't specify whether they necessarily mean this model of Xoom, so an upgrade is a distinct possibility. But given that the Xoom is widely considered too expensive, will a new model be able to compete with the iPad 2 on price as well as design?

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