GoldenEye multiplayer trailer released

Of all the things that made the Original GoldenEye great, it was the multiplayer that made it the modern classic that it is, and it will be the multiplayer that makes or breaks the remake, which is being released on the Wii. If it doesn’t live up to its massive reputation then it’s going to be a massive flop, which puts the developers in something of a tricky spot: how do we modernise the experience to bring it up to speed with today’s FPSs, without compromising the spirit of the original game?

As you can see from the trailer below, the original is very much in the minds of the developers, and they are trying to desperately recapture the enthusiasm for it. Which means that the ten new maps need to be spot on, as well as the controls. Otherwise we’re going to end up with an inferior shooter that’s only drawing on nostalgia, and will only make people long for the original even more. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, eh?

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