Golden years

Well, this is so silly it might just sell. Remember the Commodore 64? If you're old enough, it was probably your first computer. The lovely beige box, with its princely 64k of memory - one-millionth the memory of a top-end iPod Touch - was the machine that made the UK fall in love with computing.

And now, it's back! Kinda. Commodore have just releaed the C64x, which is basically a PC designed to look like a C64. Just like the original, the whole computer is contained within the shell, including keyboard, and you just need a monitor and mouse. But the spec is all-new-ish, with a 1.8GHz processor, Nvidia graphics chip, and even an optional Blu-Ray player. And it's the same snotty beige colour as before.

Now, we'll be honest: is this the most practical or powerful PC you could buy for £364? No, but you can't be practical all the time. So why not pop over to Commodore's endearingly crappy site and see what you think. Personally, we'll wait until they tackle the Amiga 600.

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