Golden stream

YouTube! What are you good for, really? You were supposed to replace television, but mostly you've merely complemented it with semi-amusing videos of cats kicking themselves in the face.

But now it seems YouTube is stepping up to the plate and giving us something we actually want to watch. We told you last week it had decided to expand its live offerings, partnering with more sports and music events to stream live on the site. And it seems they've decided to start their assault with what looks, inexplicably, to be just about the biggest live event ever to happen: the royal wedding.

As bizarre as it may seem, millions of people around the world care about our Royal Family - far more so than we do, really - and two billion are expected to tune in to watch Big Willie and Waity Katie walk down the aisle a week on Friday. But what about those who have internet access, but not a TV? (It happens!) Well, now YouTube provides an answer. According to the Guardian, not only will the whole godforsaken 4-hr shebang be broadcast live on the site, but there will also be a live blog, Flickr photo stream, Twitter feed, and a 'video wedding book' for the public to sign. Exhausting.

Makes you want to watch David After Dentist, doesn't it?

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