Golden gift for Oscar geeks

Why oh why do people give celebrities cool stuff? They're celebrities, they're rich! Why not give free cool gadgets to poor-but-influential tech bloggers? You know, like us?!

Sigh. We doubt the world's makers of foxy things will ever learn. And it's a sign of the times that, while years ago the goodie-bags of free swag typically given away to celebs at events just contained things like perfume and posh booze, now it's normal to find some sort of tech inside too. Motorola have grabbed a coveted slot this year - they're giving every Oscar nominee (though not every single guest at the ceremony) one of their new Xoom tablets.

Considering the Xoom is set to retail in the US for a chunky $600, this is a pretty good freebie. But that's not all! Grr. The lucky thesps and film-buffs will be getting special gold-coloured (but not actually gold-plated, we don't think) Xooms that will never be on sale. Ever. Well, apart from on eBay two weeks after the Oscars, when some award-nominated editor no-one's heard of decides they prefer their iPad. Grr grr grr...

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