Gold rush

If you’re such a desperate technophobe that you simply must have an iPad the moment it comes out in the UK, you can rejoice to the heavens (where Steve Jobs surely resides, pulling the strings for the next financial year and upgrading the Angels’ outfit into something a bit racier). What a little devil, eh?

Um, yes, the reason why you can rejoice: that’ll be because iPad pre-orders are set to reopen for UK peeps this Wednesday, via the lovely chaps and chapettes at Bundlebox. For a limited time, from 10am, you will be able to import an American iPad without having to have a US address or credit card. So make sure you’ve got your mouse finger at the ready, as the website warns potential customers that ‘due to popular demand, this will be on a first come first serve basis – so be ready!’

You got that, servile Apple lickspittles? Make sure you’re the first person on your street to have an iPad, that’ll make you the coooolest.

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