We review the Gocycle 2010 bike

The humble bicycle has served humanity for countless years at this stage, always offering affordable transport from A to B requiring little more than the ability to pedal and stay balanced from its user. The motorcycle then followed on this clever two wheeled design by adding a high powered engine and removing the necessity for any real physical exertion from the rider, making it ideal for travelling long distances at speeds previously not possible for bicyclists.

Up until recently, those two options were about as good as it got for fans of two wheeled transport, but thanks to the Gocycle 2010 bike riders now have a third option.

Although the Gocycle is predominantly meant to be used as a regular pedal propelled bicycle, requiring the user to exert at least a little effort in order to move, but at the touch of a button you can activate its discreet engine and enjoy top speeds of as much as 15 miles per hour to make your commute a little easier.

Taking three hours to charge fully, you'll be able to get about 20 miles out of the Gocycle if relying entirely on its engine. However if you pedal more, you'll get more out of it, making it a no brainer for anyone who is conscious of then environment but can't feasibly cycle to work due to excessively hilly terrain.

If you think you might be interested in trying out the Gocycle, it is available for anywhere between £600 and £1,200 depending on where you look. Your best bet is to search online for the best price, but be warned to factor in shipping costs because, although it may be light for what it is, it's certainly not going to fit in an envelope!

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