Go with Mflow

If you don’t know what Mflow is then you soon will - well, that’s what all the cool kids on internet blogs are saying. Mflow attempts to take the best aspects of music streaming service Spotify and combine it with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook but with the added bonus that users can make money from it. Ah, now you’re interested.

The basic idea is to encourage users to buy more music by ‘flowing’ (like a tweet) songs to your friends on the service. If your friends part with hard earned cash then you’ll pocket a lovely 20% which you can then use to buy music. Simple.

Unlike Spotify, where you can play full songs with minor advert interruptions, Mflow only allows you to hear 30 second preview clips before giving you an option to buy the song. With it already being talked about by high profile users Zane Lowe and Phil Jupitus it’s expected to become complimentary to Spotify and Twitter rather than an out and out replacement. Download it for free here


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