Go Stopped

Once upon a time there was a console called the PSP, or PlayStation Portable. It was indeed portable, and it was also very powerful, with a marvellously large screen. And it sold respectably well, though not as well as Nintendo's rival the DS, which swapped raw graphical power for gameplay innovation in the form of a touchscreen.

Then, years later, Sony decided the PSP was due for an upgrade. So they showed the world the NGP, the Next-Generation Portable. It was like a PSP, only moreso, and ultra-powerful for a handheld. When it's released later this year it should prove a worthy successor to the original PSP.

But what's this? Have we forgotten something? Well, yes. We, and everyone else, have forgotten the PSPGo. Released in 2009, it was a redesign but not an upgrade of the original PSP, packing the same internals into a smaller, slide-up package, a bit like the way the Nintendo DS Lite followed on from the DS. Except that though it was compatible with PSP games, it couldn't actually accept PSP cartridges, instead demanding users download games and store them on the internal memory. And its screen was smaller. And it cost almost as much as a PlayStation3.

This, as you might have guessed, was dumb. And largely as a result, the PSPGo went down a bit like a lead balloon tied to a lump of concrete.

And now? Now it's dead. A loose-lipped Sony employee let slip on his blog earlier this week that the company has stopped manufacturing the PSPGo altogether. Sony doesn't exactly deny it, saying that it'll 'meet demand' for 'current generation PSPs' - but, as Engadget points out, 'if there's zero demand for the PSP Go and you produce zero PSP Go units, then you are technically matching supply to demand. Well played, Sony, well played.'

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