Go Play(Book)

iPad, Android. iPad, Android. iPad, Android. So far, the 'tablet wars' have been as interesting as a game of chess - and, given the slow start Android is getting off to, a very one-sided game of chess at that.

But is that about to change. Research in Motion, the guys who pretty much invented the modern smartphone market with the BlackBerry a decade ago, are about to enter the tablet arena with their first tablet device, the PlayBook. With a 7" screen and specially-made operating system, it looks like a strong new entrant - though, asearly reviews have pointed out, it could do with a few more apps.

Delays in the production process - blamed on Apple's iPad eating up all the touchscreen supplies, a claim we're a bit dubious of - mean the PlayBook won't go on sale in the UK till June, while in the US it's already available. Boo! But here's the good news, kids: you can pre-order one right now. Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4 U are allowing you to 'register your interest' in the PlayBook, which doesn't require you to get out your credit card (woop!) but does mean you'll be alerted when actual orders open. You might as well - after all, who says you won't find £400 down the back of the sofa in the next few weeks?

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