Go Play

You want the PlayStation Phone, don't you? You know it's not going to play PSP2 games, instead relying on the 'PlayStation Suite' range of PS1 and PSP software. To be honest, you kind of know there probably won't be that many more killer games for it than for the iPhone; and you know that those gaming buttons it's packing probably don't work much better than the touchscreen controls all the other PlayStation Suite phones will make do with. But you still want one. (Hey, nothing wrong with that - so do we!)

Well then, this is good news for you: it's available for pre-order! Well, we suppose that's good news if you've got the money, otherwise it's bad news because everyone else will pre-order it before you. Anywho, Play.com are taking pre-orders for the coveted handset, which is due out on March 28th. The price is a slightly wince-inducing £519, but that's SIM-free, so no need for an expensive contract and no annoying network lock to worry about.

Time for a bit of reader feedback, we reckon. What do you think - is the Xperia Play a brave new frontier for mobile gaming, or a throwback to a pre-touchscreen past?

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