Top three Gmail add-ons you must try

Do you use Gmail? Gmail is arguably the best web-based e-mail service in the market. It's not a surprise, therefore, that it has the highest number of users. With cutting-edge features like filters and threaded messages, Gmail sets the benchmark for others to follow. While Gmail is great out of the box, it can get better by installing add-ons. Gmail add-ons extend functionality and give a more enhanced user experience. Here are our top three Gmail add-ons you must try.

1. Gmail Labs

Gmail Labs is not really one of Gmail add-ons as much as it is a built-in utility, but it is just too important not to mention. If you want to make the most of your Gmail account, you must visit Gmail Labs. Log in to your Gmail account and click the top-most-right gear icon in your inbox. Next click the “Settings“ tab to open a window with a tab labeled “Labs.” Click the “Labs” tab to access Gmail Labs.

According to the Gmail team, Gmail Labs is “…a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for prime time.” While the features in Gmail Lab are experimental, the features rarely disappear or drastically change as to alter their basic functionality. There is a host of impressive features in the lab that give you more control and enhance your productivity. Among the cool stuff you will find in Gmail Labs include:

· An "Undo Send" feature that allows you to undo a message you've just sent within 5-seconds, if you have second thoughts about a message you've just sent

· Gmail Chat that allow you to send free SMS messages to mobile phones, and

· E-mail previews that allows you to preview Google Maps, Google Docs, Picasa, Yelp and Flickr from inside an e-mail.

2. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is another useful Gmail add-on designed to simplify your e-mailing. It uses cutting-edge technology like an impressive understanding of language like “next week” to help you get the most of your e-mails. Manage e-mail that you want to send later, follow up on or be reminded about expected e-mails with this add-on.

Also, schedule sent messages to return to your inbox if after a specified period you don’t get replies. The add-on also features a calendar picker you can use for different purposes like scheduling when you want specific messages sent out.

3. AwayFind

AwayFind is the last in our list of three incredibly useful Gmail add-ons. This add-on frees you to finally walk away from your inbox and do other things that you like. Assign command parameters to your e-mails with the add-on, such as “push e-mail received within the next week from this person to iPhone.” Once the command is set, you will be notified of all messages the person sends you within the given week. Notifications are often received via Voice call, SMS or one of many Android or iPhone apps.

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