One of the key things that smartphone developers like to advertise when talking about their machines is the ability for you to do what you like when you’re out and about. However, most advertisers like to forget that we’re in Britain, where it’s more often than not raining, or freezing cold. Anyone who has ever had to try and use an iPhone touchscreen with gloves on with attest to just how hopeless it is.

That’s all about to change, apparently: Hitachi Displays has developed a brand new type of touch panel, which has the ability to detect the input through insulating material. This means that should you wish to shell out for an iPhone 5 or an iPad 2, you’ll be able to use them even when it’s far too parky to exposed your poor little fingers. Not that you’d be so dopey as to whip out an iPad in public, of course, right?

The new displays will also stop your fingernails from being a problem when using it, and should hopefully make it easier to scribble your writing with a pen (although why you would do this we have no idea). All in all, this looks handy. It’s a shame that they didn’t sort this out for the first iPad, mind you.

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