Global iPlayer coming to iPad

British ex-pats have already had a little jig at the news that the BBC’s wonderful iPlayer will be coming to them next year, allowing them access to shows such as Match of the Day 2 and, um, Eastenders? In any case, whatever they show will still better than that foreign muck they put out on that foreign telly, so all in all we’re looking at a winner.

The bad news is that even us good old Brits from good old Blighty, you’ll have to pay for it. How much you’ll have to pay we’re not sure, but the Beeb has said that they’ll be using a ‘pure paid subscription model’ for the service, which will be launched first on the iPad, with the USA one of the first markets in which it will be launched.

We’re guessing that it’ll cost a little bit less than the license fee, which currently runs at £145. Soooo, given that it won’t have everything that is on the telly channels, we reckon anything more than £100 a year would be an outrage. Auntie: we’re watching you.

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