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War. Riots. Recession. Austerity. Another day gone by without the iPhone 5 launching. Sometimes it seems the world is just filled with bad news, doesn't it? But don't despair, reader. We have some genuine, bona fide good news to offer you - at least, if you're excited about the PlayStation Vita.

Sony's sequel to the years-old PSP has hardcore portable gamers salivating with its giant screen, dual joysticks and crazy four-core processor. The iPod Touch approach to portable gaming this is not. But since the Vita was announced a few months ago, we've had one big worry. Would it be gloriously region-free, like previous portable consoles, so games from (for example) the US can be played in a UK model? Or would it follow Nintendo's regrettable lead with the 3DS, and be subject to regional lock-down?

Well, now we know. A Sony exec recently responded to a question from a Twitter user by confirming the company's position on regional locks for the PSVita. And the news is.... good! 'Is it confirmed yet if Vita is region free?,' asked the anxious fanboy or girl, and Sony's president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida replied, 'Yes, it is.'

(We suppose he could have been saying 'yes, it is confirmed whether or not it's region-free' without actually confirming that it is, but that would be cruel, surely?)

So if you're still in tears about the fact that the Vita isn't expected on this side of the Atlantic till next year, you can at least make excited plans to import one knowing you'll still be able to pick up games from HMV next year and play them. Hurrah!

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