Glee for gamers

Gamers live in a different world to normal PC users. While most PC users might upgrade every two or three years, gamers often buy a new system every year to keep up with the best graphics. While a normal PC buyer might just pop into PC World, gamers are likely to assemble their own system or turn to a little-known specialist manufacturer like Origin PC. Most PC users would find the top-of-the-range latest Intel processor to be blazingly fast for their needs, if they could afford it. Gamers hack every processor they use to squeeze every last bit of performance out of it, an arcane ritual known as 'overclocking.'

And if you took the epitome of all these different habits and packed them into a single machine, it might look a lot like the Origin PC 'Big O', shown off at last week's CES conference in Las Vegas.

The 'Big O' packs an Intel Core i7 processor. Each of its 4 'cores' ought to be running at a healthy 3.4GHz or thereabouts - more than fast enough for us mere mortals. But the 'Big O''s processor is overclocked to 5GHz, giving you blistering speed, whether you're into Call of Duty or Starcraft II.

But that's not all! Origin obviously didn't think all that power was quite gamer-crack enough. So, for no obvious reason, the 'Big O' also contains an XBox 360!

More amusingly for the rest of us, to make all this work without the darn thing overheating and exploding, it's in a crazily large air-conditioner case with whacking great orange cooling tubes all over the place. It looks like it should be running a casino in Ocean's Fourteen, not playing games in someone's bedroom.

The crazy lights inside aren't for any practical purpose, we don't think. They just look, er, cool? If this is your cup of tea, pop over to Gizmodo for more photos, or drop Origin a line to order.

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