Ah, Glastonbury! The mud! The naked hippies! The inevitable hyperventilating footage of Kate Moss wearing designer wellies! It's also alarmingly untechnological. Fortunately, since the coming of the mobile phone silicon has reassuringly invaded this bastion of hippiedom, to the extent that the Orange phone charging tent has become one of the best-known (and most visited) at the festival.

But who wants to go to a tent? Orange knows all we really want to do is use our phone all weekend without having to worry about the battery. And they're on it, courtesy of this bonkers new Sound Charge t-shirt.

It's a t-shirt that charges your mobile, using sound. Never has something been so logically named and yet so completely bonkers in its actual nature. The t-shirt uses piezoelectric film (oh right, yeah, that!) to convert the racket of Glastonbury life into power for your phone. Don't ask us how.

Sadly, this tech isn't ready to be handed out to Orange customers at Glasto this year, although there will be (apparently handsome) Orange bods trying them out. By next year, though, who knows? Apparently both charging your phone and dressing well will both be things of the past.

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