Glasgow's answer to the modern day Braveheart

By now you'll have heard the name John Smeaton. Glasgow's answer to the new Millennium's Braveheart who, as legend has it, tackled the Glasgow bombers single handedly. He's become an overnight hit on the web too, check out his site here (which at the time of writing seemed to be down no doubt due to weighty traffic).

There are all sorts of rumours flying around, best so far read this morning in the Guardian that "rumours the airport is to be renamed Smeaton International Airport appeared to be unfounded at time of going to press."

He's certainly a character. When asked if he had a message for the bombers, he responded in traditional Scottish style; "This is Glasgow. We'll just set aboot ye."

Smeatonia is reaching hysterical proportions, with the Holiday Inn near the airport clocking up over 1200 free drinks for John, thanks to a "buy John a pint" campaign. Read more and see the Smeaton interview on the BBC, or check out what's being said on the blogosphere via Technorati.

The web world has responded in true form too, producing a flurry of Smeaton-inspired pictures and YouTube responses. WebTwitcher is searching for the "Smeato as a Jedi knight; Smeato as Bruce Willis in Die Hard" pictures...if you've seen them, let us know!


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