Gingerbread looks delicious

Steve Jobs may be bragging to all and sundry about the success of the iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone 7 might be about to grab a slice of the market; but we reckon the winner of the Smartphone Wars, in terms of sheer numbers, is going to be Google's Android. It has all the advantages Windows had on the PC: any manufacturer can slap it on their kit, so millions of phones running it are going to be made. That means lots of apps being developed, and that means more people wanting Android phones. Ta da: virtuous circle.

There's just one problem: Android itself, till recently, wasn't very good. Fortunately, the last couple of upgrades - 2.0, nicknamed Donut, and 2.2, 'Froyo' - showed marked improvement. And now it looks like the next release - Android 3, nicknamed 'Gingerbread' - will be a real leap forward.

Fun new features include video calling, controlling 'YouTube LeanBack' from your phone, and possibly making calls using Google Voice (not available in Europe yet, boo), over WiFi. Perhaps more importantly for Android's long-term success, it's also apparently a lot snappier and nicer looking.

Have you got an Android phone? Does the software feel finished to you, or like you're stuck in some weird geeky experiment?

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