Gilliam delighted with Python apps

Terry Gilliam, the film director and Monty Python team member, is quite frank about the Pythons' attitude to new media: "if we can squeeze any money out of our fans, we're quite rapacious . . . "

That explains the launch of two Python apps released this year to capture the techie Python fanbase. The Holy Book of Days is an iPad app with video, audio, animations and anecdotes from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail set. Python Bytes collects a bunch of sketches for iPhone users who like to drive their friends crazy by reciting 40 year-old surreal dialogue.

Gilliam is an enthusiastic plugger of the new products. "There's no way of being a Luddite any more!” he said in The Guardian. "You have to go with the flow. I'm impressed by both apps: the Holy Grail is very nicely done, with a lot of work put in to make it a nice-looking thing. And the iPhone app is really elegant – it's the way I want to see more of our stuff put out."

The Python team were famously stubborn when it came to protecting the way their material appeared, paying close attention to every detail. That pickiness seems to have been discarded with the new apps.

“When we made the shows, we spent so much time making sure they went out in the order we planned them, untouched," Gilliam said. "Now we're letting them be used any way. It doesn't bother me any more, although at the time it might have."

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