Getting your kicks

FIFA 11 is released this week, and if you’re having thoughts of not buying the latest in a looooong line of yearly updates, you’re going to have to read a hell of a lot of reviews telling you that you’re a total mug for not doing so. Starting with this one from Computer And Video Games, which has give EA’s football monster a whopping 9.7 out of 10. Blimey.

While they stress that a lot of the tweaks are subtle and could almost be seen as cosmetic, or even gimmicks, they affect the gameplay in a way that makes it a big step up from FIFA 10; Personality+ and the dribbling mechanics, which have made it much easier for skilled players to pull off tricks and leave defenders on their backsides, are particular highs, as is the ability to combine management and playing in the Career Mode.

‘When all's said and done, FIFA 11 is the best football game that's ever been slid into a disc-drive,' say CVG. 'It mixes slow build-up play with quick, killer through-balls. It combines big, meaty defenders with slight, nippy speedsters - and smartly recognises the difference between the two.

‘You can score headers from the top of towering jumps or cheeky, low nods at the far post. Players can pea-roll a fluky long range bobbler or curl a graceful effort into the top corner. The ball can bounce off glove, boot, shin or shoulder before it hits the net - and all of this means that FIFA 11 will keep on surprising you.

‘Apart from a few incredibly minor tweaks, we can't think of anything else EA Sports can do to improve their game on the pitch.’ There you go then - make sure you buy it, eh?

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