Getting Free PC download of demo games: the full version needs to be tested!

The reason you need to buy Arkham Asylum is simple. All superhero games made prior to now have two things in common. Number one:They all  claim to do make you feel like the superhero the game is based around. Number two: They all have ultimately failed to achieve this. It's not for lack of trying, and some games have come quite close, but it's never been the case that someone playing these games has had to think to themselves "What would superhero X do in this situation? What would I do if I was X?" Essentially, all that these games are is button-mashers with a superhero skin on them.

This litany of failure is what makes Arkham Asylum so impressive. The game has truly captured the very spirit of Batman and merged it with the controller. Batman in this game isn't simply a character with Batman fighting style or Batman's enemies or Batman's gadgets. Batman in this game goes about his business with Batman's modus operandi. He's vulnerable, so he has to strike armed goons from the shadows. He can quickly get overwhelmed by organised enemies, so he has scare his enemies silly so that they make themselves vulnerable. He has to observe from the shadows and plot his plan of attack. This game forces you to act like Batman in order to simply survive, and that's what makes it so impressive. This games makes you become Batman.

We could go on to say that the game has such solid and fun gameplay that it appeals even to people that aren't fans of Batman, but come on - everyone's a fan of Batman!

The demo is available as a free PC download. The games full version costs £39.99 and more details can be found at batmanarkhamasylum.com.


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