Get your stream on

We love, love, love Spotify. But though it's got an impressively broad range of music on it, there are a few examples from the weirder ends of our music collection that it doesn't have. Of course, we have those on our computer - but what if we want to listen to them from somewhere else?

This is the idea of 'cloud lockers' for music - services which lets you store mp3 music you own on the internet and stream it from anywhere. Apple is expected to launch a service soon, and Google is including one in its next upgrade of its Android mobile software. And Amazon beat everyone to it last week when it launched its 'Cloud Player' service.

But Amazon's service is only available in the US, and the others aren't ready yet. And we want to stream music now! Fortunately, there's an answer: DropTunes.

DropTunes uses the popular Dropbox file-storage service. If you don't already use DropBox, it's well worth it. You sign up, get 2GB of free storage to put whatever you want on the internet for access from anywhere. Its big advantage? Any computers you install DropBox on will actually download the contents of your store to the computer and keep it all in sync, so it's like having the same 'My Documents' folder on every computer you own.

DropTunes adds a media player to the service. Log in with your DropBox credentials and you'll instantly be presented with an easy-to-use interface for playing all the audio files in your store. And it doesn't matter if you have DropBox installed on the PC you're using or not.

Simples! And it's available now and, best of all, it's free. Who needs Amazon?

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