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Digging around for a quality podcast’s not as easy as it sounds. There are a few aurally-challenged podcasts on the web from the most unexpected sources, including media giants who seem to have forgotten that the rules of good radio still apply online. But, fear not reader, your ears need not be taking a cyber battering…

You’ll notice on your MIX there’s an option to add podcast feeds to your page. The biggest radio stations are pumping out podcasts - the breakfast shows are definitely worth a listen so check out Radio 1, Capital Radio and Virgin Radio for a daily dose of their most popular shows. Podscope is a good staring point too - a podcast-dedicated search engine which lets you search by subject area. For a great selection of interviews with top bands, exclusive live tracks and some classical class, check out the Times Online’s podcasting feed.

I’ve also been getting requests about which independent / unsigned band podcasts are making waves on the net Sandi Thom / Arctic Monkeys style. So, here’s your chance to plug a podcast. Heard anything (in particular unsigned / independent stations or bands) worth a WebTwitcher mention? I’ll post a round up of the best - start your plugging in the comments section below.


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