Get your game on

Crikey O'Reilly. This could be big. Sony's PlayStation Portable was a pocket-sized revolution when it launched a few years ago - Nintendo's DS may have had innovative titles like Brain Training, but when it came to hardcore gaming on the tube, the high-powered PSP was the way to go. But last year's PSPGo was a mere repackaging of the same tech, and left gamers impatiently awaiting the arrival of a real successor.

Well, it looks like the wait might finally be over. Hints have been emerging in recent weeks about the PlayStation Portable 2. First an apparent picture, then the exciting news that it could be as powerful as the PS3.

Well, soon all will be revealed. Because the PSP2 will reportedly be launched in just two weeks' time. January 27 is the day, according to some of those good old 'unnamed sources' in Sony. The latest rumours say the device could have a touchscreen, or maybe a touchpad on the back, which would be a bit weird.

This could turn out to be nonsense, of course, and the PSP2 could be months away. But we'll let you know just as soon as we know, so tune back on the 27th for the goss...

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