Get tips from the web for a ghoulish Halloween

Give your Halloween a web makeover this year and take advantage of all the revolting resources to be found online for a truly ghostly night. Pay a visit to Halloween.co.uk for a great who's who of the world's most famous spectres (Freddy Krueger not included) as well as a collection of spooky stories and top Halloween news with hints and tips on what to do on the night of the dead.

For a truly horrific Halloween menu to scare off even the toughest of ghouls, try serving up sheeps head and barley broth, followed by baked apple with dragon's droppings. Recipes can be found on Hookery Cookery.

Whilst waiting for your sheep head to boil, take a look at Crews Nest for some truly hideous Halloween jokes that will only become funny after consumption of significant amounts of vampire blood. If terrible jokes aren't your thing, find out what your tarot has in store instead. You can add your own personalised reading to your MIX direct from Aleph Tarot, which will give you a daily reading based on your birthday.

For those of you planning an assault on the capital, LondonNet has an excellent guide to what's on where, including clubs, attractions and cinema. Alternatively, why not organise a ghost hunt. Have a look at Paranormality for tips on how to search for spectres and add their RSS feed to your MIX for news from the dark side.

Looking for low cost costume ideas? Get some advice from Adam Sandler, and find out how a protractor can be used as a clever disguise to secure sweets while out trick or treating.


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