Get thee to a vending machine

Do you live in Glasgow? Here's some good news! You might be able to get a free smartphone!

Yes, really! Get thee to the Skypark, where there's a big conference going on as part of the city's Social Media Week. What, didn't you know it's Social Media Week? Well, er, now you know!

Anyway: nobody is more eager to associate themselves with social media than Nokia, who've watched in despair as young turks turn their back on their durable hardware and excellent call quality in favour of iPhones and Android phones which make it really, really easy to check in on Foursquare and update Facebook - even as they make it really, really hard to actually phone someone and hear them talk.

But even for a company as - well, we won't say desperate, but certainly 'battling' - as Nokia this is a hell of a stunt. In the Skypark, there's a big Nokia-branded vending machine. Stand near it and check in to Foursquare, adding the tag #nokiaconnects and making sure to select the option to share your check-in on Twitter. (i.e., advertise Nokia to your friends.) Wait a few moments, and - voila! - a mysterious blue tube should be found in the dispenser slot at the bottom of the machine, containing a free gift! It could be just a chocolate bar, but it could be an actual, real, working phone!

Apparently! This guy got the chocolate bar, though.

So if you're in Glasgow, go get! And let us know what your prize was in the comments below! If you get a phone and you sell it, we totally want 10% of the proceeds. It's only fair.

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