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Can't seem to get my mind off mince pies and Christmas pudding this morning, so in case you're thinking of attempting any culinary shenanigans in the kitchen this year, don't start anything till you've checked out some great recipe resources I've found while on my hunt for temptation.

Christmas just wouldn't be right without a customary mention to the First Lady of the roast dinner, Delia Smith. Visit her website for daily tips on how to make doing dinner easy, as well as classic traditional Christmas fayre.

The Times has bagged a fittingly respectable voice for all things Christmas in the kitchen. Gordon Ramsay himself is currently talking readers through Christmas lunch with an exotic twist. Worth a look if you fancy telling your folks the Xmas refreshments are straight from the UK's top chef.

My dad's personal favourite, the voluptuous Nigella Lawson (did you know she was married to Charles Saatchi?) dishes up some inspirational ideas like pomegranate meringue mountain on the Channel 4 website.

Finally, Waitrose gets 5 stars from WebTwitcher this year - not only do their website and recipe ideas get better and better, they've now got an RSS feed available for their idea of the day. Add it to your Excite MIX personalised homepage for gastronomic inspiration to impress friends and family this year.


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