Get some Smart on your old iPad

Poor iPad 1 owners. Less than a year ago, they were cock of the walk, with the hottest slice of silicon money could buy. But now the iPad 2 is out, they're shunned by society. Just because the iPad 2 is a tiny bit thinner. If only there was some way iPad owners could pass their devices off as the new model. OK, they don't actually look that different. But iPad 2 owners all have that stupid Smart Cover, with its magnets and its pretty colours and its insane fabric that cleans your iPad's screen for you.

But what if you could put a Smart Cover on your iPad 1...?

Well, you guessed it - now you can. The SmartSnap is a simple metal magnetic contraptiony-wotsit that sticks to your iPad 1 and attaches to an iPad 2. Simples!

Now you can pose on the bus with the rest of the new lot. And you get the protection for your screen and handy stand abilities of the Smart Cover, too. But mostly you get to pose. That's what really matters to you Apple people, isn't it?

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