Get some Liquid Metal

Once upon a time, there were phone manufacturers and there were PC manufacturers. The likes of Nokia and Ericsson didn't make PCs, and computer makers like Dell and Acer - and Apple - didn't make phones.

Now, all that's changing. Modern phones are effectively mini-computers, and the free availability of Google's Android OS means PC manufacturers can churn out hardware and whack on external software, just like they've done for years with Windows. In the last year we've seen Dell become the hot new Android phone manufacturer, with models like the 5-inch Streak and the new Windows Phone Venue Pro.

Now it's Acer's turn. Though not a household name, the Taiwanese PC maker is one of the world's largest. And now it's made its first phone, the funkily-named Liquid Metal. It's a lovely-looking slab of aluminium, packing a 5 megapixel camera and 800GHz processor, putting it a little behind the norm for Android handsets. It features Acer's take on the tradition of manufacturer Android customisation, with a special graphical look called 'Breeze,' but underneath the sheen it's running good old Android 2.2 with all its attendant apps.

Best of all, it's coming here first! Yes, if you're normally grumbling about the how the best tech goes to America first, here's your chance to beat the world. The Liquid Metal should be out in mid-November in the UK, before anywhere else gets their mitts on it.

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