Get some Golden in your Eye

So you've seen that trailer for the new Wii GoldenEye and you're rightly excited. But what are you going to play it on? We're not sure if the WiiMote is suited to this kind of ultra-precision shoot-'em'-up action.

But remember the Classic Controller? That's right, the Wii's very own old-style controller, mostly for use with retro games. Well, it'll be just perfect for Wii GoldenEye. And just to make sure you buy a new one especially for the privilege, Nintendo have brought out a sexy new gold version.

This Golden nugget will be packaged with the game, adding an extra $20 to the package in the US - and about another £20 to the deal in the UK, we reckon. Not as good as a gold Magnum light gun, but hey...

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